Foot Reflexology

reflexologyReflexology is based on the understanding that all systems and major organs of the body correspond to areas or reflexes on the feet. A Reflexologist massages and manipulates these reflexes in order to restore balance to the body, promote self-healing and improve general well-being.

What to expect

Your first treatment will last approximately one hour and and 15 minutes and include a short questionnaire and chat about your health and lifestyle; subsequent treatments will last about 50-55 minutes.

While a single treatment can be beneficial and produce very positive reactions, a course of six is often the most effective, with 4-6 weekly ‘maintenance’ treatments if required.

Ideally, the treatments should be carried out in a quiet room where there will be no disturbances in order to achieve a deeper level of relaxation.

Before the treatment begins, you will be asked to remove your shoes and socks and will be seated in a reclining Reflexology chair which allows easy access to the feet. If you have limited mobility, a foot stool can be used instead, allowing you to sit in your own chair with your feet raised.

The Reflexology Treatment

A full Reflexology treatment works all the reflexes of the feet, encouraging balance and well-being in all systems and major organs of the body. When a particular problem has been highlighted in the pre-treatment chat, additional attention will be paid to the associated reflexes in order to encourage the body to begin healing itself.

Your body will take from a Reflexology session exactly what it needs so each person will respond differently. Some people simply find the sessions relaxing while others are aware of tingles, aches and unusual sensations.

Reflexology is gentle and will cause no harm or damage. The initial questionnaire will check your medical history and current state of health to ensure there are no contra-indications to the treatment. At the beginning of each subsequent

foot reflexologysession I will check for any changes in your health.

Following the treatment you may feel relaxed and many people find they sleep well. Very occasionally, clients report mild ‘flu-like symptoms or feeling emotional and weepy for a day or two; these effects are fairly rare and are short-lived.

Maternity Reflexology

Please see Maternity Reflexology page for information on Pregnancy and pre-conception treatments.

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