Maternity Reflexology

maternity reflexologyMaternity Reflexology is a gentle way to relax, aid sleep, calm pre-birth anxiety and prepare for labour and birth.

Reflexology is very helpful for relaxation during pregnancy; many aches, pains and ‘niggles’ can be eased with deep relaxation and improved sleep.

I studied Maternity Reflexology with Suzanne Enzer RN. RSCN. SCM. RZT., who is internationally famous for her work with Reflexology and conception & pregnancy. The emphasis is on balancing the body and, in both sub-fertility and pregnancy, encouraging it to function effectively. As birth approaches, Reflexology can be very helpful for both physical and mental preparation, providing relaxation, management of anxiety and stretching in readiness for birth. At 40 weeks, if the pregnancy is straightforward, we can carry out a ‘priming’ session. If the baby and mum are ready, this can help to encourage the onset of labour.

During pregnancy the shape of a woman’s feet changes to mirror the changing shape of her body. Occasionally the baby’s movements, felt by the mother during the session, can also be felt on her feet by the Reflexologist . How amazing is that! Babies respond well to Reflexology carried out on Mum, sharing the calm and becoming invigorated once the session is over.

As a birth doula I know how helpful Reflexology can be during pregnancy and hope to encourage more women to ‘give it a go’.

Post-natal Reflexology can be very helpful to aid fatigue, help the body on its journey to normality following the birth and provide important time for the new mother to focus on herself for a short time. Babies will often sit quietly and calmly beside mum or lie peacefully on her during a treatment, sharing in the calm atmosphere.

Can Maternity Reflexology cause a miscarriage?

There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest that Maternity Reflexology will cause a viable foetus to be miscarried or delivered early.

Is Reflexology okay throughout the whole pregnancy?

Yes. Although more precautions are taken during the first trimester, a woman can benefit from Reflexology from pre-conception to post-birth. I find it particularly helpful to women in the final 3 months of pregnancy when sleep can become more broken resulting in fatigue and when anxiety about the birth may occur. When a baby is ‘overdue’ reflexology can help nudge the body into action.

What does it do ?

Reflexology is really helpful for relaxation during pregnancy. It enhances moods and helps the mother prepare for labour. Many aches, pains and niggles of pregnancy can improve with deep relaxation and improved sleep.

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‘Reflexology, as a natural therapy, complements the natural event of childbearing’
Susanne Enzer (2004)

A research project undertaken by Dr. Gowrie Motha in London “discovered that the effects of reflexology (during the antenatal period) on labour outcomes were outstanding”.

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