Clinical Hypnosis for Pregnancy & Birth

Clinical hypnosis is, in effect, a deep state of relaxation during which the person being hypnotised is always in control and can, at any time they choose, open their eyes and walk away! Unlike the stage hypnosis we see in theatres and on television, there is no coercing people into doing things they don’t want to do or taking away control.

Clinical hypnosis for pregnancy and birth provides a safe place in which a deep state of relaxation is achieved and, while the person is relaxed, pre-agreed suggestions are made to the sub-conscious which can be accepted or not, as the individual chooses. Suggestions such as the mother’s strength, capability and ability to birth are generally made but the exact content is agreed beforehand.

Being hypnotised is a pleasant experience and one of the things taught is how to induce a state of self-hypnosis and deep relaxation. We aim to create a ‘safe’ place to go to in our heads which can be very useful during labour or long, restless nights when the baby is keeping you awake!

Groups or Individual Maternity Hypnosis?

Individual sessions can be helpful for specific issues or if you would prefer a home visit. The content can be tailored entirely to the individual situation with extra emphasis on required or problem areas.

Small group sessions of up to 8 pregnant mums are a good way to try out hypnosis. The suggestions to be made are agreed jointly by the group prior to the hypnosis and there is time for reflection and discussion at the end of the session. The course runs for two weeks with the second session offering a chance to learn a self-hypnosis technique to use during pregnancy & labour.

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