doulaBirth Doula

Doulas provide continuous emotional & practical support, for mothers and couples, through pregnancy, birth and post-birth. A doula will spend time building a relationship with the family she is supporting, offering space and time for couples to discuss and reflect on their own, individual situation, needs, fears and hopes, their past experiences and the options available to them for the birth. The aim is to help them move towards a positive birth experience.

As a doula, it is not my role to take the place of the father-to-be or partner during the birth, unless that is the parents’ choice, but to support both of them during the experience. Doulas do not take on a clinical role either, we work alongside the midwives and doctors, respecting their knowledge and experience, yet supporting the client in her own choices. At all times, we will be led by the client’s wishes; we will not judge or make specific recommedations, but try to help the parents make their own decisions based on sound and safe information.

Traditionally, a woman would be supported through her labour and birth by the women of her family: her mother, sisters, aunts, cousins and also friends and neighbours. In our society, we have moved away from this and often the birth feels medicalised and impersonal. A doula tries to step into this space, whether it is at home, in a midwife led unit or in a consultant led unit, and become the constant, reliable support, familiar with her client’s fears and her wishes, a woman who will stand beside her throughout the birth and uphold her wishes as best she can. Sometimes a back will need rubbing; sometimes soothing words to the partner; sometimes all that is required is the doula’s presence, reassuring and constant.

That is what a doula does. Each and every birth is an honour. I offer Maternity Reflexology, Maternity Clinical Hypnosis, post birth treatments (including ‘Closing the Bones’), company on hospital visits (if required) and general support post birth as part of the package if desired. (See below for more detail.)

Wrap-Around Doula

Much of a birth doula’s work is carried out with the parents at the ante- and post-natal stages. Many women express an interest in having doula support through pregnancy and immediately post birth but do not feel the need for a doula presence at the birth. The wrap-around doula provision meets this need and offers an email & phone contact for help and support throughout pregnancy & the initial post-birth period.

The package will be tailored to meet the individual’s needs: some couples will require more support pre-birth whilst others will need help after the birth. All clients will have time for birth preparation, discussion of birth wishes (‘birth plans’), discussion of expectations & fears, etc. There will be sign-posting help, time to talk and be listened to, always someone at the end of the ‘phone, and a chance to debrief the birth. In addition, Maternity Reflexology (ante-&post-natal), Maternity Clinical Hypnosis (ante- & post-natal), accompanying client to appointments if required, Reflexology priming for birth from due date onwards,  ‘Closing the Bones’ abdominal massage, post-birth help as required and Baby massage instruction can be included.

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